10 TPH Lime Slaking Machine for Calcium Hydroxide

A 10 TPH Calcium Hydroxide slaking machine is the perfect companion to a large variety of concrete projects requiring hard surfaces like sludge, oil, salt, or sand. This calcium hydroxy compound is naturally occurring in limestone and other porous rock. It is commonly used in building materials and as a source of slaking for roads and highways as well as in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

These slaking machines effectively eliminate tough clays and fine aggregate materials from roadways and sidewalks by literally eating them up. These slaking machines also make it possible to easily remove hardened tree limbs, rocks, asphalt, and tar from driveways and parking lots. In cases where deep hole excavations have to be conducted and the soil is hard and thick, using this type of slaking machine can also help make the process easier.

To operate these types of slaking machines, a mixing tank is first put into the mixing chamber of the machine. Then, a batch of loose materials will be spread out on the molding feeder that will be gradually lowered into the slaking machine. The low-density materials will initially settle to the bottom as they are being mixed with the calcium hydroxide solution. As time passes and the batch continues to be lowered into the slaking machine, the high-density materials will be distributed evenly throughout the mold as they settle. With enough trials, it is possible to determine which batch is composed of the right combination of ingredients to achieve the desired result and then continue with the rest of the construction project.

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