5 Great Places to See When in Phuket

Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Thailand is a very popular resort destination with tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Andaman Coast. The place has a lot of wonderful places to see, such as the Andara National Park, which is also home to some rare species of birds. There are plenty of wonderful and affordable hotels in Phuket, and visitors can choose from a wide range of budget accommodation options. This article takes a closer look at some Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Thailand that offer excellent value for money.


The Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Phuket are situated on Andara Island off the coast of Thailand. They are owned by the Phuket Development Agency (PDA) and are one of the best choice hotels when it comes to accommodation on the island. PDC has branches all over Thailand, and if you book one of their Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Thailand, you will be able to choose your favourite destination. The resort has three villas each with their own swimming pool and beach area, so you will have a lovely holiday villa with swimming pool right on the beach.


All rooms have cable TV sets inside, and you will also find that the restaurant at Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Phuket serves amazing Thai food that is made fresh daily. You can ask for a specialised service, or perhaps choose to eat at the buffet when you get there. One of the resort’s attractions is the Andara Turtle Reserve, where you can watch wild Andara turtles come ashore to lay eggs or view other turtles during their annual migration. At night, you can enjoy live cricket played by the resort’s staff.


All rooms at Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Phuket have direct access to a private beach, so you will not need to worry about anything when you decide to swim. The resort does not have restaurants, but has a variety of different shops selling local goods at Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Phuket. These include traditional gifts, souvenirs, clothing, and other useful items. There are also a couple of jewellery shops at the resort, and the Andara Tiger Reserve is only minutes away by car from the main entrance of the resort. If you like animals, then you will not regret booking into one of the resort’s game camps. They offer hunting ground and elephant safaris and will help you discover the incredible wildlife of Thailand.


In the Andara Tiger Reserve, you will be able to see an area of dense rainforests which serve as home to the Andara Royal Bengal Leopard, and the critically endangered Red-footed boobies. You can also go hiking through the reserve, which boasts spectacular scenery, including waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. Other than games and wildlife, there are also a couple of good restaurants at the resort, where you will be able to enjoy the local fare. You will find that the prices at Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Phuket are very reasonable, and the resort offers a relaxing and convenient stay for travellers on holiday.


The Andara Tiger Reserve is a very popular destination, and travellers often choose to stay at Andara Resort and Villas Resorts in Phuket along with their family or partner. If you are looking for a quiet area, where you can relax, then Phuket is definitely a place for you. Many travellers also come here on special holidays, such as a wedding trip, and enjoy staying in one of the Andara Resorts at Andara.


In the South of Thailand, the people are very hospitable, and Andara is no exception. There are many wonderful beach resorts in this area, including the renowned Patong Beach Resort and the nearby Chaweng Beach Resort. You will find that all the resorts in this area offer something unique, from white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and turquoise blue sea, to amazing sceneries. If you preferred a quieter spot, then there are a few villas and cottages available in this area, which are also perfect for groups.


Andara is very popular for its game reserves, which are home to some of the rarest animals on earth. Some of the best game reserves in Phuket include the Phu Hoa Tiger reserve, the Siam Tiger reserve, and the Bornean lion conservation centre. Most tourists visit these game reserves during their holidays in Phuket, as they are able to come and go as they please, and do not have to face the hassle of booking a flight or a hotel. They also get to see some of the rarest animals on the planet.

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