An Overview of Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Tourist attractions in Thailand are many and varied. Each one is a jewel in its own right with the potential to fascinate and captivate visitors. There are amusement parks, wildlife sanctuaries, historic ruins, modern cities, and Buddhist monasteries all in Thailand.


Thailand is located in the south-eastern region of Indochina. It is popularly recognized for its sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, mountainous terrains and fascinating ethnic diversity. In Bangkok, the country’s capital, a vibrant ultramodern metropolis emerges next to tranquil canal sides and the world-famous temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho or the Emerald Buddha Temple. Just next door in Pattaya, Thailand’s biggest tourist destination, stands the equally impressive Wat Lampung, a spectacular collection of Hindu temples. Next to this wealth of architectural wonders, which lie in an area called Bang Tao, tourists will find some of Thailand’s most captivating wildlife. The animal world is teeming with unique and exotic species of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects.


In Chiang Mai, one of Thailand’s famous tourist destinations, visitors will find the spectacular Wat Ratchabophit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With stunning cliffside walks, lush tropical gardens, and Buddhist monasteries, this temple complex is an iconic site. A few kilometers from Chiang Mai, tourists will be able to visit another internationally famous attraction, the Chiang Rai National Park.


While here, tourists should not miss a trip to Ang Thong National Park, one of Thailand’s greatest natural wonders. The park is set amid spectacular mountain scenery and boasts some of the country’s largest and most breathtaking waterfall falls. For those not into the outdoors, there are still plenty of attractions to see, such as the huge floating market in Phuket Town and the Patong Beach Shopping Complex.


Other than sightseeing, the seaside is another popular destination for tourists. The best way to enjoy the beaches of Ko Pha Ngan is to hire a car from Chiang Mai. The city has a thriving business industry, which is centered on fishing, boating, chartering and other tourism-related activities. Tourists can explore the city by riding in a car, a boat or on a jet ski. Boat cruises are especially enjoyable for tourists who want to spend some time out at sea.


Regardless of the chosen method of travel, it is best to plan ahead. Thailand offers many options when it comes to sightseeing and other tourist attractions. Before embarking on a tour, tourists should take time to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage and learn about the history of its diverse, modern culture. This will ensure that they have an unforgettable experience while visiting these wonderful places around the world.

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