Apple iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 11 – Is One Better Than the Other?

When the iPhone was first released, it included two upgrades that made the phone even more useful and popular among consumers. One of those additions was the Avanti Firewire port, which allowed the phone to be used without a USB cord. This meant that all applications were able to be used on the phone regardless of whether they were installed on the phone or not. The second feature introduced with the iPhone was the App Center, which provided easy access to all the most popular apps across different categories. These categories were named Appleseed.


The iPhone 12 mini brought two major additions to the range of iPhones. One of these additions was the larger version of the iPhone’s dock connector. This port was replaced with the USB mini, which provided a much faster data transfer rate when used with an iPhone and its companion device. This made the iPhone’s charging a lot faster, especially when you consider that you are using a good percentage of battery when you’re charging. The increase in the size of the dock connector helped make the iPhone 12 mini a more attractive choice compared to the earlier models of the phone.


As with all other Apple devices, the iPhone 12 mini was offered with two color variations. There was the standard black color and then there was a slightly redder shade for the model. You also got other color options such as gray and gold. The two colors included on the iPhone 12 who are extremely vibrant and complement the design of the iPhone beautifully. The colors really make the difference when you consider that almost all other mobiles and smartphones are limited to two or three colors at best. The iPhone 12 mini is a step further into color choice than many previous phones.


When it comes to features, the Apple iPhone 12 mini has two cameras, namely the dual lens camera and the Face recognition camera. It also has a high definition camera. In comparison to the earlier iPhones, this model comes with a bigger memory and the same amount of storage, but only gets one SIM card instead of two. There’s no expandable storage like the iPhone 6s Plus and the other smartphones. The iPhone 12 mini lacks the flash drive, which is a shame because the size of the device makes it ideal for streaming videos. The spec sheets just don’t tell us enough about this phone.


The battery life on the Apple iPhone 12 mini isn’t very impressive. I was expecting it to live up to its big brother the iPhone 6s Plus but the truth is that the phone didn’t even last through a day of heavy use. On average, my phone lasted for only four hours and twenty minutes. This isn’t really all that bad compared to the five hours of screen-time it lasted. Compared to its competitors, however, this phone doesn’t last that long at all.


Apple has finally introduced the Face ID feature on its smartphones, which is a welcome move since it makes it more secure to use the device. Unfortunately, though, it isn’t as effective as it could have been. This camera is still a little difficult to use, especially when you need to take multiple pictures at once. Some people report that using the FaceID for facial recognition makes them feel like their skin is being invaded.


The Apple iPhone 12 series also lacks any USB port, which is a real let down considering how popular these days the USB port is. I personally find that most android phones are far superior when it comes to USB connectivity so this missing piece of functionality shouldn’t be forgotten. Luckily, the company has finally included a port on the bottom of the phones, so you can connect the dock to your computer and continue working.


In short, these two phones have their pros and cons. You’ll have to decide which one is right for you. But regardless of which one you choose, you can’t deny the impressive technology that goes into making these devices. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and the Apple iPhone 11 will both give you a good amount of features at an affordable price. And best of all, these phones run on the iOS 4.3 mobile operating system.

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