Banyan Tree Samui Vacation Rentals – More Popular Than They Ever Were

Banyan Tree Samui Resorts in Thailand, also called Banyan Tree Village is a popular destination for tourists who visit the famous island of Banyan. The unique architecture and cultural heritage of Thailand give a lot to be learned and enjoyed by visitors of Samui Island. In this region, you will find the Banyan Tree that bears its name. Banyan Tree originates from a tree that can be found only on Banyan Island in Thailand. This tree is also called Pin Oak.


The Banyan Tree is named as such because of its shape resembling a Banyan. It’s one of the most popular trees in Thailand; it’s also one of the oldest trees in all of Southeast Asia. While growing in Banyan, the tree has three kinds of leaves:


The first type is the lilac leaf Banyan Tree villas in Samui. It’s named as such because of the lovely flowers that bloom at night. Lilac-lilac leaf Banyan tree villas in Samui are one of the most expensive ones on the island. It’s not uncommon to pay around $1000 or more for one of these Banyan Tree villas. One of the advantages in having one of these Banyan Tree villas in Samui is that the owner generally offers tour packages to visitors.


There is also some Banyan Trees in the tropical gardens of Chaweng. Chaweng beach, on the other hand, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island of Banyan. Chaweng beach is not only a beach; it’s also a paradise of nature with its amazing scenery and Banyan Tree villas in Chaweng. This is a very popular tourist destination with families and couples having their wedding. For one reason, Chaweng beach offers good value for money and has many Banyan Tree villas available to rent.


One of the most preferred Banyan Tree villas in Samui is the Royal Forest Banyan Tree villas in Ang Thong. They can be accessed by a 30-minute boat ride from Lamai International Airport. In addition, this is also one of the more expensive Banyan Tree villas in Samui; however, it also offers good value for money. There are two bedroom Banyan Tree villas available here, and they are located just a few meters away from the sea. When you arrive at the beach, you can just walk straight to your villa.


Another popular Banyan Tree villa is the Likuliku Banyan Tree villas in Lamai. Like Chaweng beach, Likuliku offers good value for money. It is also easy to access and there are many Banyan Tree villas in Lamai available to rent. Likuliku has white and blue swimming pool and there are many restaurants that serve food similar to Chaweng beach. It is also home to many Banyan Tree villas.


There are many more Banyan Tree villas in other places such as Chaweng, Lamai and Koh Chang. If you prefer a Banyan Tree villa over a Chaweng beach, then you should try out the Likuliku Banyan Tree villas. You will find many Banyan Tree villas here that are not as expensive as those in Chaweng and some are even less expensive than those in Chaweng.


These Banyan Tree villas are one of the reasons why Banyan Tree is so famous. But, if you want something more private, then you should try out the Banyan Tree bungalows in Samui. The Banyan Tree bungalows are a great choice for families because there are enough bedrooms and living areas for everyone here. These bungalows are always fully furnished, so you don’t have to worry about having a home away from home. You will find that these bungalows are quite affordable and the rooms have large windowsills so that your kids can see the outside world. Banyan Tree villas are very popular and if you are planning on going on a trip to Banyan Tree soon, then you should book your Banyan Tree villas well in advance as these villas are highly popular and when they are full, they sell out fast.

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