China Mine Rotary Kiln For Bauxite Yufeng Brand

The China mine rotary kiln for the bauxite yufeng brand is a kiln manufactured by Yufeng Chemical. This particular model offers high performance and versatility to all kinds of ceramics, stones, or plastics. This equipment has two stages of operation, which are known as the wet and dry stages. During the wet stage, the temperature of the kiln is raised to a boil while inside the kiln structure, the ore particles are pulled out through venting. After that, the solid oxides and compounds that had been pulled out during the dry stage are completely re-condensed into simple sugars, which are then used for ceramic products.

The kiln is designed with a two-stage system. The rough-out stage is designed for roughing out the interior and external surfaces of the ceramic tiles for use in the production of ceramic goods. On the other hand, the re-crystallizing stage offers the opportunity to crystallize polyester fiberboards and polyurethane foam to produce products with smooth finishes. The bauxite brand is particularly popular in China due to its high quality and unique features, such as the mine shaped cooling chambers.

The company produces different types of bauxite granules for different applications. The fiberboard and foam products can be used for flooring, furniture, cabinet lining, and floor tiles. The mineral particles have excellent insulating properties and are resistant to heat, flame, chemical reaction, and abrasion. Some of the products have a low flash point and are low maintenance, making them suitable for a variety of applications. China mine Rotary Kiln for Bauxite Yufeng Brand can be used for all your needs.

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