Experience The Last Great Wilderness Area In Alaska

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort are located near Sitka in Alaska. This Alaska Native Experience offers a variety of nature adventures, while at the same time, providing the best of traditional tourism. The resort itself is composed of two main sections: the campgrounds and the hiking trail. Here, you’ll find that the Anantara Mountain has been treasured for generations, with its rich history and spectacular view.


The Anantara Mountain is home to many types of wild animals. In the summer, you will be able to watch herd animals come to feed on the berries on the hills around the camp site. In the winter, you can go on a trip into the forest to see wild elephants and their tusks. To experience the best of Alaska Native culture, try the Alaska Native Education program, which highlights Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.


The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort were established in 1992 by two enterprising Alaska natives – Ray Bergman and Lorraine Rothman. During their research, they noticed that Alaska’s unique ecosystems were threatened by climate change. They wanted to help protect these ecosystems and their wildlife. After establishing the camp, they began work on a national-class elephant safari. Their goal was to bring the world’s greatest creature close to people, thereby creating a relationship that would last for years to come.


The park features some of the most beautiful wilderness scenes in the entire world. The Anantara Valley is home to a large population of moose and bears, as well as birds and insects. The park also boasts mountains that reach up to 5500 feet. Among the attractions include the Anantara Falls, a waterfall that resembles a huge lake. The park offers mountain biking, hiking, camping, and an elephant ride.


The animals you will experience at Anantara Golden Triangle are protected and are not hunted. You will not be able to hunt them; however, they are able to live in the park. In order to preserve the native animals that live here, the camp staff to make sure there are no caches in the park. The only way to get to the park is by air, so you can see these magnificent creatures up-close. There are no bathrooms inside the park, so you will need to bring your own toiletries along on your trip.


Although the camp is about one hour from Anchorage, it allows you to see some of the most beautiful land in the country. If you want to truly experience Alaskan life, the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is the place to go to. This camp is truly one of a kind and will give you the chance to view one of the last great wilderness areas in the U.S., along with some of the most majestic animals on Earth.

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