Explore the Phra Nang Tree and Other Attractions of Khao Sok National Park in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is the third largest national park in Thailand. It is also one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. It is situated in the province of Chiang Mai. Khao Sok National Park in Thailand covers an area of about 900 square kilometers. The main attractions of this park are the majestic waterfall of Chiang Mai, the forested Mount Tantawai, and wild animal life.


Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is also known as Thon Buri National Park. It is not only a popular destination in Thailand, but it has been attracting visitors from around the world. It is considered as one of the finest natural parks in all over the world. You will get to see ocelots, crocodiles, jungle cats, bears, elephants, rots, hawks, eagles and much more.


Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is not only for nature lovers but also for travelers who are interested in camping, hiking, trekking, cycling and other outdoor activities. You will find many hotels here, which provide facilities like golf courses, game viewing, tennis courts, swimming pools, spas, restaurants and bars. There are also many restaurants in the park serving Thai and international cuisine. There are boat tours that can take you to the national rivers and lakes.


If you want to enjoy exploring the forests in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand, then the best time to go is between May and September. At this time, the temperature is moderate, and you will be able to see many species of the rare species of plants and animals. Besides, you will also find many exotic birds flying around. In addition to all these interesting attractions, you will also find the enchanting Phra Nang Tree, where you can take photos with the beautiful flora and fauna.


Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is well maintained by the government and most of the tourist vehicles are safely parked in the parking lot. The roadways are well lit so that vehicles can pass safely. Another attraction of this park is the flooded forest area which is home to different species of monkeys and other primates. In fact, you will also find the rare bottlenose dolphin in the murk swamp.


There are various ways to enjoy exploring the park. Most visitors prefer to hire a vehicle so that they can explore the park on their own. However, if you do not have much money, you can rent boats and go for a cruise around the lake. You can enjoy nature in its pristine condition as well as having fun with your family and friends at the same time.

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