Google Nexus S Cases – 5 Reasons to Purchase One

The new flagship smartphone from the smartphone manufacturer, Oppos, is the Oppos OnePlus 7 Pro. This phone offers a lot of features that will appeal to different generations. It is equipped with a dual screen feature, which has been purposely designed to offer users a large viewing area on the small phone itself. The resolution on the Pro is higher than what it offers on its predecessors.


The Oppos OnePlus 7 is offered in two different models – one that are offered in Europe and one that being offered in North America. The European model variant comes with a metallic build while the one that comes with the North American model variant has a plastic body. This phone can also be purchased in two different color options – one with a gold color and another with a silver color. The price of this handset is quite expensive, with the price ranging from around 250 EUR.


This smartphone has two memory options for it – one with a single gigabyte of RAM and another with two gigabytes of RAM. The phone features a total of eight GB of built-in storage space, and it can be expanded via the microSD card. This handset also offers support for the Qi wireless technology and has a brushed aluminum metallic frame. This metallic body has been designed in such a way that it offers a modern appeal to the device. In terms of the battery life, this handset can last up to a talk time of about nine hours.


The connectivity of this handset is commendable, and it features GSM network support. It is also compatible with the major European mobile operators like Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, O2 and three other operators. It is a useful addition to any business as it allows you to connect to your colleagues in real time. It also has access to the internet services and offers a fast data transfer rate of about 4.6 Mbps. For this purpose, it is advisable to have a sim card and a GSM Network with this handset. The one-year contract of One Plus 7 Pro comes with free GSM services and some other incentives.


The device has a dual fingerprint sensor which ensures quick entry of numbers when it is opened. There is a safety lock which prevents the accidental shut off of the device. There is a unique Oxygen app that offers a lot of exciting features to the users. The features include:


The user has an option to lock/unlock the screen or use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the screen. This is done by tapping the display of the phone. There is a second option for those who want to exit the app – one can just touch the home key on the screen to shut it down. For those who are running on the 2g network, this feature will not be available.


Apart from the global standard CDMA and GSM carriers like AT&T and Verizon, the One Plus 7 Pro can also work on the east and west coast GSM Networks in the United States. These devices can also be used on Verizon’s premier plan, the Verizon Metro PCS. The device also supports international SIM cards and sells the One Plus devices unlocked. It is possible to buy the device online from the official eBay store.


The device supports the latest IMAP and UMAP technologies and also offers support for Google Imap and Gmail. The user has a choice of using either the HTML interface or the Android interface depending on the preference of the user. It also allows connection to the Microsoft Exchange. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are not able to use the east or west coast GSM Networks, you can use the same service in the other regions. The device has a 16 MP camera with autofocus, digital zoom and a bright flash, which help in taking quality pictures.

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