Historic City of Ayutthaya in Thailand

The Historic City of Ayutthaya in Thailand is often referred to as the “Pearl of the East”. This beautiful city is located on the banks of the mighty River Mekong in the northern region of Thailand. It is well-known and popular among tourists and has many attractions that attract many travelers. The city was established as a trading post in the thirteenth century. Today, it is the country’s most popular tourist destination.


This city has a long history, having been mentioned by the Thai King in the beginning of the thirteenth century. Its strategic location makes it an excellent place to trade with foreign traders. Ayutthaya today is a very peaceful city, but this does not hinder its growing tourism industry. Tourists can visit the city to enjoy its natural surroundings and see the rich Thai culture. There are many sightseeing tours in and around this lovely city.


Ayutthaya boasts some of the finest beaches in all of Thailand. This city also has many temples, monuments, and other ancient buildings that attract visitors from far and wide. Some of the most famous sights to see in this city are the Old Shweiki Bridge, Wat Chalongkorn, Sukhothai Palace, and Ayutthaya Historical Study Center. There are also many museums in this city that display the artifacts that tell us about the early history of this area. One of the most exciting parts of visiting Ayutthaya for tourists is the opportunity to raft in the river Tham Tae.


Another unique aspect of visiting this city is the opportunity to tour some many historical monuments. These include the Sukhothai Grand Palace, Sukhothai General Store Building, and Ayutthaya Historical Study Center. These historic buildings are home to some of the oldest temples in all of Thailand.


Ayutthaya is also very popular with tourists who want to experience Thai massage. There are many hot springs and other natural spas in the city that offer this type of treatment. Ayutthaya is also famous for its food. Tourists can take their pick from hundreds of restaurants and foodstuffs in this city. They may also choose to explore the many hidden caf├ęs and food joints that serve Thai food throughout the day.


If one is interested in shopping in the city, there are a variety of shopping spots located throughout Ayutthaya. Some of these locations include the Thong Lo Market, The Grand Central Market, and the centrally located Songkhram Market. These three venues are the most commonly visited by tourists. Tourists can find souvenirs to take back home from their trip to this amazing city in Thailand. These shops often feature local and ethnic antiques as well as designer goods. There is also many international brands available in many of these shops.

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