Phi Island Village Beach Resort

One of the most well-known places in Phuket is the Phi Island Village Beach Resort. Situated in proximity to Ao Ton Sai beach, the resort is easily accessible and offers a wide range of activities on its sandy beaches. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy at the Phi Island Village Beach Resort.


This is a fantastic sandbar that is only accessible by taking a short walk along the beach. A tiled beach bar may be more convenient for you if you don’t have much time to kill during your visit. If you get tired of standing on the sand and want a place to cool off, the sandbar will offer you a respite from the heat and the sun. You can stay longer if you wish to and head right back into the sea. You can even explore the nearby coral reef and take a boat tour around the area.


Just a short distance away from the sandy beach is a restaurant called The Grapevine, which serves up fresh seafood every day. Fresh fish such as tuna, Maui and swordfish are available year round at this restaurant. This is just the beginning of what makes your trip to the village of AO Ton a fun and entertaining experience. Other local Thai food is also available at this beachfront eatery. Try the coconut soup, prawns stew or grilled fish.


The sandbar at the Phi Island Village Beach Resort can also double up as an ideal place to do some windsurfing. For those who don’t feel particularly windsurfing-like, you can do some butterfly and parrot washing. There is a small water area where you can practice your moves without the risk of getting tangled in ropes. You can learn a few moves from the professionals before heading out for the day. This is a great way to spend the afternoon at the beach.


Beach volleyball is another sport that many people enjoy playing at the resort. The rules are the same as regular volleyball, just without the sand. When the weather is warm, you can even head to the beach for an evening of tag.


If you prefer to party during the day, the Bamboo Bar offers you plenty of dancing options. This bar has a large dance floor, which is available to all visitors. You will be able to find several types of DJs to help you decide which kind of music suits your personality best. You can also choose a special meal when you want to get out of the sun for a bit. The bamboo salad is a favorite among visitors.


For some reason, there is always a volleyball player around at any time of the day. It doesn’t matter what time it is. They seem to appear out of nowhere, and they end up impressing everyone with their moves. You can try it yourself or take turns with a friend or two.


Phi Island Village Beach Resort is located on the beautiful island of Oahu. You can find this vacation rental right on the water. There are many things to do on the island from shopping to snorkeling. The resort offers you everything you need to relax and have a good time.


The waters on Oahu are very crystal clear, so you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the warm, tropical waters. There are a few snorkeling guides that will help you find the best areas to see live corals. You will also be able to see black corals that are only visible under the bright sunlight. This natural wonder is becoming even more popular because of its beauty and uniqueness.


Phi Island Village Beach Resort is made up of eight parcels. These parcels are all connected by a boardwalk. This makes for a very easy walking environment. The walkway leads directly to the showers, restrooms and pool. You don’t have to cross the boardwalk to use the pool. There are also portable toilets throughout the grounds.


The food at the beach is wonderful! There are fresh seafood dishes, vegetarian meals and Mexican food available. You will also find snacks and fruit. You can easily get your lunch from one of the many fast food restaurants. There is also a spa available for your relaxation needs.

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