Pimalai Resort and Spa – An Unforgettable Way to Exothe Your senses

Pimalai Resort and Spa is a charming retreat in the lap of nature, which is nestled in the green hills of the Western Ghats of the Eastern Himalayas. The resort is set amidst lush greenery, oases, rivers and waterfalls. The hotel boasts an ideal mix of modernism and traditionalism. It’s an ideal base to explore the rich history and culture of the region.


The resort is spread out over more than 400 acres of tranquil lands, which includes five lakes and the Pimalai River. There is plenty of scope for adventurous activities in the vicinity of the resorts. You can indulge in mountaineering, scuba diving, fishing, river rafting, etc. The hotels themselves have various spa and beauty treatments available to clients.


One of the main attractions is the Para Spa, which is ideal for individuals who want to relax after their long and tiring day. This is a steam room, which is filled with aromatic vapors, giving you the best chance to unwind and rejuvenate. You can also indulge in various massages and facial treatments here. Other spa options are mud therapies, which use natural clay to remove dirt, toxins and make your skin glow. You can also have your hair beautifully styled using a set of Indian headbands.


Another attraction of this hotel is the sauna. The guests can relax and heat up in the heated sauna, which is available all through the year, for a refreshing treatment. You can relax in the veranda, where you will get to view exotic birds and view the stars. There is also the open air theater, where you can watch re-enactments of different stories. This hotel has a restaurant attached to it, which serves delicious South Indian food.


The dining options at the Pimalai Resort and Spa include Bhel puri, idli, samosas and rice. The food is cooked in the presence of chefs, who serve you delicious delicacies. The resort also has an open-air eatery, which serve tasty snacks. Some popular dishes in this restaurant are:


The Pimalai Resort and Spa offers luxurious rooms, which are well furnished. You can have your privacy as you enjoy an intimate environment. The rooms have large bathrooms and air conditioning as well. You can have unlimited drinks served to you, in your room. This is why, this hotel is preferred by many visitors.

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