The Best Pencil Brands

Pencils have come a long way since their humble beginnings and there are many pencil styles to choose from. There is also a wide variety of materials that are used to make the different kinds of pens. One thing that does stay the same though, is the fact that all pens are mechanical and are used to write on paper. Though some types of pens are made to write on fabric or other materials, they do not have the same properties as the mechanical pencils. Here is a look at the main three pencil brands that are available today.


Parker Pens is probably the most well-known brand. Parker Pens was first created by a man called Parker Brothers, who started the company in 1854. It was one of the very first successful companies in the United States, and it is still going strong today. The company offers a number of different styles of pens, with each one based on the owner’s preferences.


Bic Pencils are made by the Staedtler Company in Germany. The company has been making high quality writing instruments for many years. Some other names under which this company produces pens are Kehr, Scharmer and Faber-Castell. The Bic brand is known for its smooth feel, and the fine tip makes writing from these pens easy. Many people prefer the Bic Pencil to other types of mechanical pencils because it is one of the most comfortable.


Waterman Pens is made by the Waterman Pencil Company. This brand came about in the year 1924. The Waterman brand first rose to prominence during the World War I because it was used by the Royal Air Force. It was one of the first types of pens to be manufactured using synthetic materials. Today, this brand is still going strong, and it is considered to be one of the top-selling writing instruments.


Waterman produces many styles of pens. These styles include Waterman Pink, Waterman Blue, Waterman Green and Waterman Black. There is even a Waterman Pink Pen that is only for girls! These fine pens make a beautiful writing instrument when decorated with fine art and can be decorated with the brand name or simply printed with the text.


Burman Pens is made by the Parker Pen Company. The brand began in the late twenties as a brand for pencils that was manufactured in the Black Forest, Germany. The brand name has since then grown to encompass many styles including gel pens, roller ball pens and even ballpoint pens. Many collectors prefer to purchase a particular Waterman brand because they are able to get a higher quality ink for their money.

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