The Greatest Boxers in the UFC

When you think about the UFC, or the Ultimate Fighting Championship, you automatically think of some of the greatest fighters who have graced this sport throughout its history. There have been a lot of great fighters who have come and gone through the competition and are considered fighters, but there is a certain set of fighters that have made this promotion what it is today. These are the ones who have gone from being “flyers” to true fighters by achieving success in this competition. Here is a list of five of the greatest UFC fighters to ever grace the sport of mixed martial arts.


Chuck Liddell is widely considered to be the best lightweight and light heavyweight in the world. He has fought and won many matches in the UFC, and he is definitely one of its most popular fighters. In fact, he is one of its longest serving fighters as he fought and retired at the age of 40. Liddell has also won six Olympic gold medals, which is more than any other light heavyweight. He is a two-time Olympic gold medal winner, which is also a record for most individual wins in the history of the UFC.


Chuck Liddell is one of the oldest light heavyweights in the UFC. He is extremely well-rounded in the things that he does as a fighter, being extremely formidable both mentally and physically. Many have said that it is his ability to take on the toughest opponents that has made him so successful. He is also a long-time striker, having fought and defeated many of the top light heavyweights.


Rashad Evans is currently the light heavyweight and perhaps the finest female fighter to ever compete in the UFC. He is a former Strikeforce champion and has fought and defeated many of the top women in the sport. In fact, he has only lost three of his fights. He is an all-time heavyweight titleholder, with an impressive 14-fight winning streak.


Jon Jones is another of the greats, proving that age is no longer a deterrent to greatness. Though he is a fighter at the top of the sport, he is also one of the more entertaining fighters to watch. He is extremely crafty, coming out on top in spectacular fashion time again. He also holds many of the records for the heaviest man to ever compete in the UFC, beating out Retribution and Quinton Jackson. He is the light heavyweight champion, with an impressive seven-fight winning streak.


Anderson Silva is one of the newer fighters on the scene. He is a former lightweight champion who has since moved to the top of the division due to his hand and footwork. He is one of the faster hitters in MMA and has proven himself to be a terror in the Striking corner. He will most certainly be one of the greatest fighters of our time, and his ability to defend his strikes have enabled him to be one of the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC. He has beaten some top fighters in the sport, proving that age is no barrier to greatness.

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