The Greatest Satirs of All Time

The Greatest Satirists is very few and far between, although there is a list of names that might be considered the best. But in reality most people don’t know their names and end up merely choosing a favorite quote or poem over again to feel a certain way or react to something. Still, who ever said anything about being the greatest?


A list of the Greatest Satirists might contain many famous names, but it would be hard to verify their greatness simply by reading about them or listening to their speeches. The reason is that many of these so-called Greatest Satirists probably weren’t even alive when the sayings were written. It’s difficult to find out who really was the greatest, although many people believe that Thomas Moore was the first. His famous “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do” is often misconstrued as an ideal, although he wasn’t actually talking about business at all.


One of the more famous names on the list of The Greatest Satirists might be Robert Frost. Frost became famous for his work in prose and also for his criticism of American commercialism. He also wrote a number of comedy sketches and was known for his philosophical writings. Frost ended up publishing too many of his poems after his death. He lived to the end and that certainly makes him one of the Greatest Satirs of all time.


Hans Christian Andersen might end up near the top of this list, if you choose to consider only the classic works. He’s the father of modern poetry and a lot of his tales and funny quotes have become classics themselves. Although many might dispute his greatness, there’s no doubt that he was able to write some wonderful poetry. In fact, part of what makes “The Great Gatsby” such a great film is the combination of Andersen’s words with the unique style of that novel.


One of the newer names on the Greatest Satirs list might be Charles Dickens. Many might not think of him as the greatest writer ever, but they would probably give him a close second place. Many people agree that Dickens is a master of the English language, and that his books and others like them stand as great examples of the form. There are many ways to look at his life, and many of his books can be enjoyed today with the help of a good English language dictionary. He was no doubt a name that rings a bell for a lot of people who appreciate good writing.


There are many more names that might be considered as the Greatest Satirs, or, in other categories, perhaps a more general category. The point is that there are many people around the world who could easily be placed on this list, but they have either died before we had the chance to hear their brilliant words, or we haven’t yet written about them. Some names will always remain, though. We should all keep our memories alive by learning from the greatest.

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