The Old City in Sukhothai

Sukhothai Old City is located at the southwestern part of Thailand. It is one of the oldest cities in Thailand having origins dating back to the 6th century. The Old City of Sukhothai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major urban center of Thailand. Sukhothai has a lot of attractions for tourists and is also home to Sukhothai’s largest temple, Wat Mahathat.


The Old City of Sukhothai is divided into two sections namely Sukhothai North and Sukhothai South. The South side has a layout very similar to Bangkok with lots of buildings and structures that look very Thai. Sukhothai Old City is well-preserved and is well ventilated, much more than the Sukhothai North side. The Sukhothai North side houses many shophouses and pawnshops which are not so uncommon in Bangkok.


Sukhothai has its own advantages and attractions. The Thais, who are the majority population are very welcoming and friendly. They are also very humble and use their homes as a place to relax and eat and not a place to just occupy space. Sukhothai also has the Sukhothai Waterfall where tourists can take a cool breeze on a cool evening. The waterfall is two stories high and can be reached by a path which goes up to the falls. You don’t have to pay for climbing the waterfall, however, the path to get there is quite long.


Sukhothai also has a lot of old temples and is famous for its paintings and ancient sculptures. This section is not as well-preserved as the South side. You have to walk slowly through these temples and although they look as if they are in perfect condition, they might actually be in a worse state. Many of these temples are also painted in Chinese calligraphy.


Sukhothai has a lot of old buildings. However, there is a lack of modern infrastructure. The city suffers from a lack of basic facilities. The hotels and resorts in Sukhothai are quite expensive, and they do not have any restaurants or bars.


Sukhothai is a great place to visit if you want to experience the Thai culture and traditions in its original form. Its old temples and other historical monuments will take you back to the time when the city was first discovered by the Romans. Sukhothai’s hospitality and the hospitality of the locals are a pleasant experience. Tourists who stay in Sukhothai can witness the real Thailand with its gracious hospitality. If you are a history lover, you would not want to miss visiting the Sukhothai Old City.

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