The Top Three Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Tourist attractions in Thailand are many and varied. Thailand is a Southeast Asian nation bordered by Burma to the south, Laos to the east, and Cambodia to the north. It is well known for its pristine beaches, verdant royal palaces, intricate ancient ruins and colorful, intricate handicrafts showcasing figures of Buddha and other icons of Buddha worship. In Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, an ultramodern, colorful cityscape blossoms next to peaceful canal side communities where tourists mingle with Thai people and enjoy the sun and sand.


Another popular tourist attraction in Thailand is the vibrant floating markets, or pagoda as they are commonly called in Thailand. Floating markets are widespread all over the country; however, it is perhaps in Chiang Mai that you will find the most extensive collection of floating markets with their colorful and intricately carved wooden structures, making it a preferred tourist destination among local people. Chiang Mai is also one of the most crowded cities in Thailand and as such tends to attract backpackers from all over the world. Many tourists on a day trip to Chiang Mai find that the market provides a good deal of bargaining opportunities and a fantastic place for finding souvenirs.


Perhaps the most famous tourist attraction outside of Bangkok is the renowned Phromthep Cape. The Phromthep Cape is a famous national park located in Krabi’s main bay. It is a world heritage site that was created by the late World Heritage Organization director, Irno et al. While on a one or two-day trip to Phromthep Cape, it is best to visit the Sunday market which features an array of local products and items for sale. A popular Sunday market is often set up on the beach itself – so if you wish to spend a little more time at the beach, this is an ideal time to visit Phromthep Cape during the dry season.


Krabi’s third largest national park is also among the most well-known tourist attractions in Thailand. This is the Chaweng National Park, which is also calling Kaen Phu. If you are looking for a scenic and historic place to visit, you will definitely want to spend part of your one or two day trips to Chaweng on the weekends. The park is not only home to a wide variety of wildlife and plant species, but it is also known for being one of the largest unbroken stretches of sandy beach in the world. In addition to Chaweng’s amazing natural beauty, there are many other tourist attractions in and around Chaweng such as the nearby Phang-Nga national park and Baan Thanon National Park.


The fourth and final most popular tourist attraction in Thailand is Phanom Rung, which is located in Mukdahan. This area is best known to locals and tourists alike for its beautiful natural scenery. There are various other activities that tourists can do in Phanom Rung aside from exploring the natural landscape. If you wish to spend some time trekking or biking through the area, you can either do this on your own or hire a guide. While in Phanom Rung, be sure to visit the historical park that is situated just below it.


In conclusion, these are the top three most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. There are several more sights to see in the various regions of Thailand, such as the Ko Lanta mountain range, the Southern Thailand beaches, and the Phanom Rung national park. There are many more tourist attractions in Thailand as well, including the Koh Chang UNESCO World Heritage Site, plus Koh Tao’s historic floating market, and Ko Lipe’s tropical islands. Plus, you will find plenty more things to do once you have visited these places. Thailand has something for everyone, no matter what you want to experience!

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