Tongsai Bay Family Resorts – Enjoy Staying at One of the Family Resorts in the Tongsai Bay Area

The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts is nestled in the beautiful Huangshan Mountain and offers a spectacular setting from which to enjoy all of its splendid attractions. The first thing that strikes you about this family resort is the stunning view from the Tongshai beach that overlooks the family resort and the bay itself. The architecture of these resorts is very striking, and you can take your children on a walking tour of the resorts to gain an insight into the lifestyle of the local Chinese people. The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts has five bungalow rooms which are tastefully furnished and have large living areas. All the rooms have air conditioning and window seats so that you can sit back with your family and enjoy the peaceful nature of your surroundings. The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts also boasts a spa, which you can take advantage of on a hot day.


One of the attractions of the Tongsai Bay is the Kung Fu library which is open to the public on certain days of the week from Thursday to Sunday. Here you will be able to view hundreds of ancient Chinese fighting techniques which have been handed down to them by their ancestors and which they used to train in the martial art form today. The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts’ Kung Fu library is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday at noon. The library is open to the public throughout the year, and you are able to attend for free, but it is highly recommended that you make yourself a booking in advance if you are planning to visit during the off season.


The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts’ main activities focus on preserving the traditional Tong Dynasty heritage and culture through displays of the Kung Fu and the displays of the Chinese fishing villages. In the evenings there is a live musical performance by the bamboo dancers from the village which attract local fishermen and their families as they look forward to having some fun in the company of their friends and relatives. There are many hotels around the Bay Area and you are able to enjoy staying at one of the hotels which are located along the beach. These hotels provide complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you are planning to stay longer you are also able to enjoy complimentary transportation to your different attractions.


The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts’ Tongsun Village is a 3.5 mile long island surrounded by tranquil waters and surrounded by peaceful gardens. The main attraction of this village is the Kung Fu library which is housed in an old fishing village built in 1963. This Kung Fu library provides the visitors with information on some of the most famous masters of Kung Fu including the founder of the Kung Fu school, Master Shi Won and his son, Master Kwon Doo. The library also includes a small museum with informative displays, and you can also enjoy staying at the two rooms available at the Tongsai Bay Family Resort as they are situated just meters away from the beach.


The other two main attractions of the Tongsai Bay Family Resort is the Nathon International Airport which is only around 20 minutes away from the resorts. You can fly into Hong Kong or Kaipeng and take a bus into the city. If you do not want to go out and travel from the main hotel then you can also ride a taxi from the airport. The journey takes about three hours. The hotels near the resorts provide you with all the facilities and amenities that you will require for your stay at the resort.


The Tongsai Bay Family Resorts is only a few minutes away from Hong Kong’s central business district and Kowloon, and it’s a walking distance from the international airport and the harbour. The place is also close to the Chow Wing Road shopping area and many shopping malls and restaurants. If you like to shop then you can shop at the wide range of retail stores that are available here. There is a wide variety of goods to choose from including designer items and local artifacts. There are also a wide variety of restaurants that you can choose from and all of them are family-run establishments. Thus, you can enjoy staying at one of the Tongsai Bay Family Resorts right at the Bay Area and enjoy staying at this wonderful location.

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