Top Destinations in Thailand

Doi Suthep in Thailand is known by many names. It can be called the” tallest temple”, the “biggest temple”, the “oldest temple” and even the “church”. The Doi Suthep temple is located at the edge of town in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is also the name of the largest mountain here that is located outside of Bangkok.


It is revered by many Thais as the place where King Rama, the great protector of Thailand died. In fact, the Doi Suthep Monastery was built around the exact location where Rama died. It is one of the most important temples in Thailand that is dedicated to Rama. In addition to the Doi Suthep Monastery, there is also another temple dedicated to Rama called Wat Phra Kaeo in Choeng Mon. Both of these temples are close to the Buddhist Temple of Siam. They are both easy to get to, and they make for a perfect weekend or even short trip for visitors that come to Thailand.


In addition to the Doi Suthef temple, there is another important temple here that is also worth a visit. This temple, Wat Mahathat is another huge structure that can take a few hours to go through. It consists of many smaller temples within itself. All of them have a unique style. They also all have pictures on the walls of the Thailand royal family. In fact, many of these royal family pictures can be seen all over the place in the hundreds of small temples here.


While at Wat Mahathat you can see many paintings as well as sculptures of royalty. You will also be able to enjoy some great music as well as dance performances by some of Thailand’s best musicians. There are tons of restaurants and pubs here as well. If you have a couple of days to spend here, it is well worth it. The food here is delicious and affordable.


To get to Koh Tao and other nearby islands you can fly into Chiang Mai. This is one of Thailand’s most well known cities and is easily accessible from Bangkok. While there you can visit many of the cultural centers such as the Grand Palace and the National Museum as well as the Phroms River where you can kayak and simply have an amazing time.


Although many people visit Phuket and Koh Tao, many are also heading to Koh Samui. The reason for this is because of the incredible beaches here that are a top attraction among tourists. There are tons of places to explore on the beaches here including the infamous underwater restaurant that has become a staple in the area. If you are heading to Koh Samui, make sure that you include a day or two to actually go to the temples and do some shopping before heading back home.

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