Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Children

Although in all reality, you cannot be selfish towards someone who does not exist anymore. Future children do not actually exist somewhere in the future that will be able to receive your gift of child bearing. But still, there are some completely unselfish reasons not to have kids, which you can use as a defense against any eventuality. One of the best reasons not to have children is the fact that having kids will require you to spend more of your time and money to take care of them. For instance, feeding a kid is not something that you can just do on your own, and therefore it will require you to spend more money, at least until they are done with school.


Another reason not to have children is that you will not have anyone to love after they are born. The truth is that there is no one to love after a baby is born, and therefore you will only be living for the moment. You may be able to love your child when they are older, but that will depend on what your parents did for you. If you did nothing for your children even before they were born, chances are that they will never get love from their parents because they are not yours. You will need to provide love and devotion to your child or children from their conception, and then they will be loving and loyal towards you, which is totally unselfish.


A third reason not to have children is because of the emotional drain it will give you. Having children brings up lots of emotions, especially from the moment you realize that you want to have a baby. On top of that, once the baby is born, everything else in life will be a never-ending battle for survival, and that can be tiring both physically and emotionally. If you do not want to deal with all of these, then it would probably be better for you to stay childless. Besides, children make life much more interesting as they act as playmates and protectors, which can be a bit tiring at times.

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