Waterfalls at Erawan National Park in Thailand

Waterfalls at Erawan National Park in Thailand have made it a very popular tourist destination. The waterfalls are a part of the Natural Bridge, which links the two countries. When you view this amazing natural formation, you will see two waterfalls each flowing into the other. This unique feature of these waterfalls is part of the reason why they are considered as an international Natural Bridge. In addition to providing tourists with an awesome view of these two waterfalls, they are also home to many exotic species of bird.


The Waterfall of Erawan is a waterfall that is located just south of the town of Phu Si Keawe in Thailand. To get to the Waterfall of Erawan, you can take a taxi, bus, or car. The walk from the Waterfall of Erawan to the bus station is about 300 meters long. It also takes you through a rice field and along a valley.


When you arrive at the Waterfall of Erawan you will be able to choose from two different routes. The primary route takes you through the town, and you will see the waterfall from the bus station. You can also drive directly to the waterfall and then walk to the parking area. It is best to visit this waterfall during the week because of the traffic.


On the opposite side of the Waterfall of Erawan national park you will find the Waterfall of Khao Suk. This waterfall is also found in the province of Chiang Mai. If you are visiting the national park when visiting the province of Chiang Mai, it is important that you visit this waterfall as well. It is also possible to drive directly to the Waterfall of Khao Suk from the city of Chiang Mai.


If you are looking for peace and quiet while exploring the beauty of natural landscapes, you should visit the Waterfalls at Erawan. These waterfalls can be quiet and quite in the evening because of the gentle flow of the water over their sides. You will see the waterfalls from the privacy of your vehicle. This is one of the best places to enjoy the silence of the area.


The area of Erawan national park is one of the most popular places in Thailand. It is one of the best areas for hiking. Hiking through this area will allow you to see some of the more unique natural formations in the country. Many people come to this park to relax on the beaches and look at the sunset. This is the perfect way to get away from the daily grind and enjoy nature.

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