What’s Special About Patek Philippe Watches?

There are many luxury watch brands to choose from. Patek Philippe, sponsor of the King of Swiss watches, is one of the world’s most expensive watch brands. The brand, which started in Switzerland in 1923, specializes in complicated and luxurious watches. It also makes an immense amount of jewelry, including rings and necklaces.


Patek Philippe is made up of a family-run business. The name has been synonymous with quality timepieces for generations and is incorporated into all of their watches. Their other luxury brands are the equally famous Cartier. Another great company in the expensive watch brands group is Vacheron. Vacheron is named for the French province where the company was born – but it does not stop there.


Vacheron produces luxury timepieces with a horological tradition that is deeply rooted in horology, or the study of the compass points that determine the geographic location. Many of their luxury timepieces include minute details such as the relative positions of the Moon, Sun and planets. They use scientific principles to interpret this information and make the resulting timepieces compatible with the modern aesthetic of precision-crafted luxury timepieces. Other luxury watch brands, such as Blancpain, are also based on horology principles. They, too, make high-quality timepieces using the same methods and materials as Patek Philippe.


Etched silver, rose gold, stainless steel, and yellow gold are the metals used in manufacturing watches by these two prominent watchmakers. Although the company name is Patek Philippe, the majority of their watches are simply called ‘Philippe’. All other trademarks are owned by the brand. The manufacture and materials used in making their watches are also similar. Their ranges of watches are priced in similar ranges, and both brands have a reputation for producing extremely sophisticated and aesthetically appealing luxury watches.


It should be noted that both brands use different technologies in order to determine the time of day. Patek Philippe uses a method called “jewelrybox” technology, which involves a series of swinging chains, each connecting to a specific hour, half hour and quarter-hour hand within the watch. The advantage of this design is that it is highly accurate and allows for exact calculation of the best time of day. As horology is a highly precise science, the accuracy of this method is particularly helpful to time-based activities, such as those found in professional sports. For non-time sensitive applications, however, it is likely that the majority of watch buyers would prefer one of the better luxury watch brands that employ the “jewelrybox” technology.


Both brands use complicated internal mechanisms to make their watches even more attractive and complex in design. However, they also take great care in creating an aesthetically appealing product, which helps to differentiate them from each other. The most important factor that differentiates these luxury brands is their overall quality, and the high-end quality of Patek Philippe watches is especially noticeable when looking at any photograph of one of their watches.

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